Newsletter 2019
Here we are in 2019 marking BRI's 38th year of being a leading distributor and program supplier to broadcast platforms, channels, networks, systems and markets worldwide.

As our US Latin Population grows so does the demand for relevant and related programming.

BRI has become a leading US program supplier to the cable, satellite, lodging and OTT systems and platforms for Latin content. BRI has entered into program supply arrangements with all of the cable-pay-per-view systems showcasing Latin content in Spanish language and the need is growing.

BRI has attended MIPCOM in Cannes this year, NATPE Miami, AFM and other festivals and confabs to secure the best independent movies, documentaries, music shows, comedy, lifestyle programs, sports and religious programs for the broadcasters BRI services in the US, Latin America, Europe and parts of Asia.

We appreciate all the support from over 200 studios and production companies allowing BRI to service our broadcast partners and clients in the US and internationally while we look aggressively forward to our next 38-years.

Stay tuned and stay well friends and associates.